EC Malta Student Testimonial by Alessia Villa from Italy

I’d like to recommend EC Malta because it is a friendly place to learn English. What I like at most is the complete information EC gave us: at the arrival, in the first day and during the period of lessons – you never feel alone! The School provides all material necessary to the course. At his/her arrival each student has to attend a test to evaluate the English level. I think this is a great step to start! Regarding my course, mini group of 30 lessons the points I like most were the possibility to have a lesson of conversation/speaking every day, and the “mixing” with people coming from different countries. I spent the evenings having dinner in the most characteristic restaurants not only in Paceville – Sliema, but also in the near cities of Mdina, Valletta and Victoriosa. The welcome dinner, that is held in the first Monday night in a traditional Maltese farmed house, offers to new students the opportunity to meet each other, and, also, to taste a wide range of Maltese food and wine. My message to future EC students is to enjoy EC Malta: the school, the course, the activities during the days and the evenings … and, of course, keep your concentration high: you’re here to improve your English … it’s a great opportunity, not to be failed!