EC MALTA February Events

Check out some of the many activities we have lined up for you during the month of February!! So much going on… Carnival.. Valentine’s Day.. and much, much more 🙂

EC Malta Student Testimonial

by Ebru Celik from Turkey ”I think EC is the best English school in Malta. EC teachers are good. I am happy with the teachers and my favourite activity is the pronunciation clinic. I visited Comino island with some friends I made at EC and we all enjoyed it a lot. I like visiting the shops in … Read more

My Favorite EC Teacher at EC Malta

”Hello EC, I studied for 3 months at EC school last summer. It was a perfect Summer. In addition Miriam is my best teacher. She is Very Kind and Helpful. Have a Nice Day.” Cagla Aydin from Turkey

EC Malta School Team Goes Bowling

        Last week the staff from EC Malta School got together after work and challenged each other at bowling! 2 games where played in all with 10 rounds each on 2 lanes. We played 2 games in all, with 10 rounds on 2 lanes. Team 1 consisted of Simon, Stanley, Al, Sabine, Philip, … Read more

EC Malta Tips to this Year’s Resolutions…

New Year’s Resolutions are fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain! How satisfying when we manage to keep these resolutions! How disappointing when we don’t! Why oh why is it so hard for some of us to maintain? What makes us wish for something really badly and even as early as a moment, week … Read more