EC Malta School Team Goes Bowling








Last week the staff from EC Malta School got together after work and challenged each other at bowling! 2 games where played in all with 10 rounds each on 2 lanes. We played 2 games in all, with 10 rounds on 2 lanes. Team 1 consisted of Simon, Stanley, Al, Sabine, Philip, Shin, Psy (is this his real name???), and Emanuel, while in team 2 there was Stefan, Nat, Shane, Amanda, Emiko, Misun, and Jung. The first round was won by Shin with 112 points, the second by Nat with 114 points. We all really enjoyed it – there was a lot of support with cheering and clapping, and some also got to enjoy some local beer and Maltese snacks. It was such a success that we will probably organise another one very soon!