EC Malta Students Participate in a Successful School Karaoke Fest



Article written by Carol Manche

Karaoke Fest was certainly one of the main highlights at EC Malta School this January! The event started at 4.30pm for students and staff alike. Shane and Stefan got all the professional equipment set up at our test centre. The sound, I must say, at the centre is astounding! There were approx. a 100 of us in all, mostly students. Quite a few students sang, mostly English songs but the highlight was definitely none other than the famous Korean number Gangnam Style, sung by a south Korean with a chorus of at least 10 Libyan boys. These Libyan boys also sang an Arabic song for us – a real treat with really good beat. Dion and Amanda, two of our lively teachers sang a couple of songs for us too. We offered drinks to everybody and next time we intend preparing our famous Maltese ‘hobz biz-zejt’. Shane concluded the concert with the number ‘under the bridge’ by red hot chili peppers. If he were Maltese I would definitely want him to represent Malta in the next Eurovision song contest!