My English Language Learning Experience at EC Malta by Omani Student Saad Said Saad Adim


After Secondary School I chose Malta to continue studying. I have been in Malta for 4 months. When I arrived Malta I was very surprised because I met many different people from many nationalities. I couldn’t believe that small country but has a lot of people from the world.

I’m very happy to be here. I haven’t felt alone because they are friendly and peaceful place. I was living in host family after that I decided to move to flat with my friends. Anyway EC school is a fantastic school, it doesn’t have any problem. EC school has good teachers and friendly students. I always feel cheerful when I go to EC school. The EC school has many students from different countries so this point allowed me and encourage me to choose this school. In addition I’ll study 6 years in Malta one year at EC school and five years at university of Malta.