EC Malta English Summer Courses: Kick Start the Summer and Change Your Life Forever With a Cambridge ESOL Summer Course in the Sun

Summer is well and truly here and at EC Malta we are getting excited, rolling up our sleeves for our four week Cambridge ESOL Summer Course, our University examination courses which are due to kick off on 29 July.


Are you ready for this dynamic life changing experience?


It might not be the easiest ride ahead yet if you have well and truly decided that now is the time to do something about getting your level of English recognised once and for all and you can face up to the most rewarding challenge for a real sense of personal achievement,you have the chance of grasping an internationally recognised and certified diploma that could change your life direction forever.


Cambridge ESOL Class with Teacher Marco Brown
Cambridge ESOL Class with Teacher Marco Brown


In addition to the usual three month FCE and CAE courses that EC Malta has been running for over two decades,we decided,due to popular demand,to include our specially designed four week summer crash course to meet our clients’ requirements. Indeed,this popular well-sought after programme has witnessed equally exceptional results over the last few years since its creation.


The regular three month pedagogical syllabi which cover all of the domains required to excel in the final examinations ( reading, writing, speaking, listening and Use of English ) have been condensed into a unique and stimulating four week course that enables busy students who might not otherwise have the time or opportunity to envisage a full three month course of study to benefit from a full examination preparation programme and still pass their finals with flying colours.


Why Do a Cambridge ESOL Summer Course ?


These courses are specifically designed for and aimed at those students who wish to sit the official examination which will be taken at the test centre in Malta at the end of the four weeks. Examination courses are offered for both FCE First Certificate (B2) and CAE Advanced (C1), both being internationally recognised diplomas, meaning that future employers and further educational institutions can readily compare qualifications within the framework of the CEFR ( Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) which has now become the international benchmark to measure language proficiency on an international level.


Cambridge ESOL Class with Teacher Marco Brown
Cambridge ESOL Class with Teacher Marco Brown


Why Choose EC Malta?


EC Malta has over twenty years’ experience in offering perfectly structured,dynamic pedagogical study programmes, delivered by seasoned,enthusiastic,fully-qualified native-speaker teachers who have both a great passion for academic excellence and the professional expertise to guide their examination students towards their academic objectives. Our carefully selected teachers in the Examination Department are second to none and pride themselves on their ability to go the extra mile to take their students to the top. Our teachers regularly attend international training seminars and provide the highest level of care,offering individual tutoring,support and assistance whenever required. Our testimonials from our grateful students reflect years of total satisfaction and full recognition of and appreciation for all of the careful attention we pay to every detail.


The Academic Team at EC Malta do everything in their power to make all of our students feel comfortably surrounded and supported from the very moment they arrive on the island and further to the top quality assistance provided with regards to accommodation,airport transfers and full examination registration,our students are guided and informed of all of the other services offered on our wonderful,sun kissed island so that the options are there to enjoy some extra curricular speaking practice over a long cool drink at our exclusive EC Malta beach club with new international friends who will also undoubtedly proofread your writing homework after a well deserved dip in the sea.


We have an absolutely unbeatable reputation for care and consistency and as with all of our dynamic study courses, all students are given the opportunity to have their level assessed on the first day at school with a placement test. This determines the correct level for each and every student, enabling us to streamline our students into the right class from the outset of the course. For those students wishing to sit for both FCE and CAE examinations, full registration for both final tests can readily be organised. EC Malta undertakes the full responsibility of the registration paper process , leaving our students free to focus on their study programme without any added stress.


All classes are strictly limited to twelve students which means that there is a superb mix of nationalities on the one hand,yet there is a high level of individual attention offered to each participant. Our classes are all air-conditioned and are equipped with Interactive White Boards and computer facilities,  bringing the real world into the classroom with cutting edge technology.


Students will benefit from intensive testing with authentic past paper material, enabling them to feel confident and fully prepared for the big day. One week prior to the final examination, all students sit a simulated mock test in which they are assessed in all of the papers under real conditions. This has proven to be highly appreciated by all of our former students who mentioned that it really gave them a clear assessment of where they stood and this gave them a clear sense of personal achievement when they needed it most.


As well as the intensive training course, all students are invited to attend our special Writing and Pronunciation Clinics with a view to further perfection of their written and spoken skills.  These extra training sessions , delivered by expert trainers are highly recommended and are free of charge. Just another display of that special care and attention to every detail which come naturally to us at EC Malta.


In addition to the examination courses , there is also an equally exciting, high quality activity programme which shows our students the very best that the beautiful and amazing island of Malta has to offer. We provide a balanced mix of wonderful cultural and fun leisure trips , meaning that alongside an enriching and stimulating course of study and a final examination, all of our happy students go home with treasured memories of an absolutely unforgettable stay. It is the unique language study programme.


Now we are really starting to become excited and look forward to starting our Cambridge ESOL Summer Courses. We just cannot wait to kick off and get started.


Are you coming to jump on board ?


A warm welcome to EC Malta for an incomparable language study holiday with a kick which will leave you completely satisfied and which will take you exactly where you want to be in terms of academic excellence in the English language.


Written by EC Malta Teacher Marco Brown