EC Malta Summer Camp Programme Learning English in a Fun Environment – Nutella Party!

If there’s something pretty much any child likes, it would be Nutella. On Tuesday the 16th of July, EC Summer Camp Malta held a Nutella Party for its younger students, aged between eight and twelve years old, at Surfside, Sliema. If one had to ask someone of that age to throw such a party, they’d probably turn up with an industrial-sized jar of Nutella, a drawer of teaspoons and they’d think they’re good to go. Close, but no cigar. EC Summer Camp Malta Nutella Party featured an evening swim surrounded by their friends in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Then the 5kg jars of the delicious chocolate hazelnut syrup, which the children can use as a spread on Maltese bread or as a dipping sauce for fruit and marshmallows, were brought out for the camp to indulge in. All in all, the event was pretty much everything a child could hope to get out of a Nutella Party, topped with that extra EC touch to deliver an experience that is wholesome, nutritious and fun, whilst also squeezing in some local flavour to give all involved something special and exciting to remember.