A letter from EC Malta Club 50+ Student Valentina Golovanova

Dear friends in EC Malta,

I’m sorry that I didn’t respond in time.
I am still impressed by my visit to Malta.
There I could listen, hear and learn English every day, every hour and everywhere.
Malta is a great and beautiful country. There are a lot of wonderful and hard-working people.
I send my gratitude to teachers Maria, Ursula for their wonderful and accessible lessons.
Many thanks to our guide – Laura. She is a beautiful woman, who has nice English, erudition about Malta’s stories. She was always friendly and with big sense of humor. The tours conducted by her helped us to know the history of this small but very sunny country.
Thanks to all the staff of the EC, who welcomed very friendly and always helped us with our questions.
The stay in EC allowed me personally to improve my English and to meet nice people.
I would recommend EC to different people, because there are very good teachers.
They will help them to learn and to speak English,

with great respect,
Valentina G.

Golovanova Valentina
from Novosibirsk,
65 years old,
“Club 50+”, 6-17 May 2013,
group 6, Elementary