A New Year

A Poem by EC Malta teacher Dion Pizzuto   A new year brings hope that things will improve, a harmonious rhythm to replace the old groove. A fearless challenge to take in one’s stride, a marked improvement filled with real pride. A new year welcomes opportunities galore. A fresh, new canvass for … Read more

EC Malta Student Letter to a Teacher

Hi Lorraine, I hope you are fine. I have been very busy in the last two months looking for a new apartment and job, that´s why I haven´t sent you any email since I arrived. Only last week we found a nice place to live and we are moving this week.  The apartment is very well located and we can see th … Read more

Take a Cambridge Exam Course this Summer at EC Malta

  “I am an EC student since the beginning of June and my experience until now has been very positive.  I was a bit afraid of my English level because I want to prepare my CAE test for August, but now I feel comfortable.  The reason is that I have been improving day by day since I arrived,   bec … Read more

EC Malta Student Testimonial – Riccardo Turello

RICCARDO  TURELLO, 27 years old from Italy I would recommend EC Malta because it is a good international school. I like the way they teach English and I like teachers! In the evenings I like to hang out in Sliema and my favourite EC activity is Café Chat! I recommend to all the other students to stu … Read more

Business English Classes at EC Malta

Taking Business English Classes in Malta is the best decision any professional could make. They help one obtain the appropriate English for Business required for the Business World. Whether in a mini-group Business English class of 6 participants or on a one-to-one basis, Business English Classes in … Read more

EC Malta Students learn about Nelson Mandela

“IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT IS DONE”   (Nelson Mandela) This quote reminds me about what happened to me this year, a few months ago. I was studying to get two very important international certificates: Project Management Professional which involves sitting for an exam of 4 hours … Read more