EC Malta Academic Year Students enjoy a night out at the annual summer Fireworks Festival



I can’t understand why people love fireworks but I have been thinking about this. In my country, they usually use these things just for specific dates, for example, New Year. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that I agree with fireworks. In addition, I had never heard about fireworks competitions. However, there is a first time for everything in life and last summer I saw the fireworks duel, in Valletta. Especially for me, fireworks aren’t an important thing. To tell the truth, before I went to Valletta I thought this ritual was so stupid, noisy and sometimes like a way to earn money. In fact, looking around and thinking more about this subject, I started to change my opinion. When I arrived in Valletta I watched many families enjoying the Festival together. I don’t know exactly how many people went to the event, but thousand of them took the streets during the night. It was fantastic! All in all, I need to admit one thing: when the fireworks started, I could not look anywhere else, first at the fireworks. My attention was just on them. In particular, the light from the fireworks above the Mediterranean Sea was amazing. Finally, I forgot what I had thought. Fireworks were not just noisy, because the only sound I could hear in that place was the people laughing and having fun. I too enjoyed my self.


EC Malta Student: Camila De Oliveira Machado

From: Brazil

Course: Academic Year English Course