EC Malta Student Testimonial – Prisca Zinsou from Benin

“I would recommend EC Malta because is more than a school, it’s a life’s experience. EC Malta is a good school, well-equipped, with a smiling diligent staff always ready to help. The courses are given in a very sympathy atmosphere, not too serious and also not too permissive. The Welcome Dinner was … Read more

Check out the EC Malta Activity Programme for April

Find out below the EC Malta Activity Programme for April… We have prepared for next month a calendar full of fun and news activities for our students! Note that on 25th April, the first class of Zumba will take place at EC Malta in the Test Center! Starting from this month, other amazing highl … Read more

EC Malta Student Testimonial – Hong Lin from China

““I would recommend  study English in Malta because is cheaper than other countries and because of the good weather and delicious food. I like in EC Malta the good teaches and the kind staff. Also the students come from different countries. My favorite hang out in the evenings is walking around the … Read more

English Private Lessons at EC Malta

Most people would agree that having private lessons is going to increase your knowledge, and give you the self confidence you need. It can also help to increase the speed at which you learn English. It should also be noted that taking English private lessons will mean not being in a classroom enviro … Read more

In Honor to the World Poetry Day…

In honor to the World Poetry Day, EC Malta selected a poem written by the teacher Dion Pizzuto to send all students a message of happiness! Check below this lovely composition! Don’t Worry, Be Happy. “Take each day as it comes, like the distant sound of drums. No need to plan your life a … Read more

EC Malta Student Testimonial – Natalia Nekrasova

“I will recommend EC Malta to my friends because it is a good place to study English. I like everything about the school, the teachers, students, class and breaks. I like the teachers and the atmosphere at school. EC Malta organizes a lot of events and trips. EC Malta staff helps you and there are v … Read more

EC Malta Student Testimonial – Adriana Saccol

“Of course I would recommend EC Malta because is a serious school, concerned and interested in their students. The school is organized and all things have easy access. You have all if you need in school. I like mainly the kindness of all staff of the school, especially the reception staff who are ou … Read more

Essay written by EC Malta student Eugenie Yarochenko

The Power of Dreams The lecture about dreams and their analysis was presented by A.Pisani, an Integrative Counsellor and Gestalt Psychotherapist. She is an independent practitioner who treats people with problems like grief and loss, depression, dissatisfaction, isolation, alienation and communicati … Read more