EC Malta informs you about Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday in the Western Christian Calendar, do you know the meaning of it?

The day symbolizes the first day of Lent, just following Carnival and the Shrove Tuesday (popular known as Pancake’s Tuesday). The date is counted according to Easter, being 40 days before it (without counting Sundays) or 46 days (counting Sundays).

According to Bible, Jesus Christ spent 40 days fasting in the desert, which makes the day the beginning of a period of prayer and fasting for many Catholics. In addition, masses are traditionally realized in this day, where the Christians pray in a moment of reflection about life and death.

In the Roman Catholicism the Ash Wednesday is a date for fasting and abstinence. In Malta, the day is very important and respected, since most of the population are Catholics. As sacrifices and respect for the day, many Maltese don’t eat meat or sweet today.

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