EC Malta Student Testimonial – Rosalba Vacca from Venezuela

“I’d recommend EC Malta because I like the lessons and Malta is a country that is easy to blend in it. Here you have the opportunity to meet people that want to learn about your country and culture. Malta is easy to know so you can go out with other students and practise your English.

At EC Malta you can find different kinds of teaching, so you have the opportunity to look forward your right way to learn. I liked that I took two lessons a day because gave me the time to do my homework and take extra lessons.I don’t have a special place to hang out in the evenings here in Malta. I like go to the beach. My favourite EC activity was the lecture.

I recommend future students to look for opportunities to speak English with other students. Also to study daily and attend their lessons.”


(Rosalba Vacca, from Venezuela – General English Course)