Why is it important to keep hydrated during summer?

Studying English at EC Malta this summer? Then, you have to be aware about the importance of drinking water during this season. Summer is a period of leisure, we walk more, we sweat more, and we do more physical activities compared to the winter, when we rather stay home, with a warm blanket… For the summer the temperature gets higher and the level of transpiration also increases.


When you are sweating, the water level in your body is diminishing, so to keep the body at the right temperature, it has to perspire in order to keep you cool. This is a vital mechanism. The perspiration is composed of water and mineral salt; this is why drinking water helps to renew the component bodies need.

The feeling of thirst is a signal that our water reserves are insufficient, and when these reserves lessen, the body tries to save the water of the body, by stocking away the fluids in our body. However, the water reserves are used to keep the body working, the brain, the muscles, and all the organs all need water to stay healthy. So, you can imagine what would happened if we don’t have enough water in our body!

Once the level of hydration decreases, the “dehydration” begins, and the consequences on the body could be very harmful. These complications are even more serious for elderly people and young persons.


Drink water to quench your thirst.

During summer we therefore need to drink much more, but, what is best to drink during this period? Water, always water! And whatever kind of water it could be: it could be still water, fizzy water, flavoured, etc.

So, keep a bottle of water with you and remember to fill it up as often as possible…Keep in mind that, you should drink all day long, even when you are not thirsty!

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