Freedom day

  Freedom day is a public holiday in Malta that celebrates the fact that the British troops and the royal navy left Malta 1979. Freedom day is celebrated at the end of March, the 31st. The celebration is held at Vittoriosa where they have a monument dedicated to freedom day. They have a regatta … Read more

EC Malta Testimonial by Student Shiori Hamada from Japan

“I have just returned from an unforgettable year in EC Malta. During my time on this amazing island, I met interesting people from the all over the world and learned several valuable life lessons. Malta is a fascinating island with a very low crime, making it an ideal place to study English in … Read more

Homestay Malta… we are recruiting!

Open up your homes to a new adventure by welcoming language students while they are here to learn English. Discover new cultures without having to step out of your door. Meet new people, share experiences and learn about their customs. This is all possible with Homestay Malta at EC Language School. … Read more

ESL Student Testimonial on Learning English in Malta

The following Testimonial is by ESL Malta Student CARMELO SANFILIPPO from Italy: ”I would recommend EC Malta because I like the organisation of the school – it’s very good. I like the school, the classes and how they are divided by the level of language. I like my course because of the way of … Read more

EC Malta Language School Student Testimonial

  Yes, of course, I would recommend EC Malta Language School. I like the teacher, a lot of students of foreign countries, activities and the weather. I like the location of EC Malta. Here are a lot of funny and kind teachers, good lessons, and free lessons. I learn different cultures and have c … Read more

Homestay Malta… living with them…learning from them

Learning a language does not necessarily have to happen in another country. In fact, you could easily open the grammar books, leaf through various novels and burn the midnight oil in an attempt to memorise each and every new word. Afterwards, all you have to do is wait until you run into a native sp … Read more