EC Malta Language School celebrate St Patrick’s Day


st patricks day


St Patrick’s Day is traditionally held on the 17th March, the date of the death of Saint Patrick. This holiday was officially made a Christian holiday at the beginning of the seventeenth century. Saint Patricks Day celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and also the heritage and culture that already exists in Ireland. It occurs during lent but for this feast day the laws of no drinking and eating is lifted in Ireland. It is custom to wear a shamrock (a three crowned clover) or the colour green.

This holiday is held in many places around the world like Argentina, Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Malaysia and many others. Malta did not celebrate this holiday until 2013 when they had their first St Patricks Day parade in Valletta, their second one was held in 2014. These parades are organised by a group of people called The Irish Maltese Circle.


Join our EC Malta Language School students to tomorrow’s Pub Crawl at 16:00pm.