Homestay Malta… living with them…learning from them

Learning a language does not necessarily have to happen in another country. In fact, you could easily open the grammar books, leaf through various novels and burn the midnight oil in an attempt to memorise each and every new word. Afterwards, all you have to do is wait until you run into a native speaker with whom you can use those words…if you still remember them, of course. Upon thinking about it, though, you immediately realise what a tedious, long process that is — Plan B?

That is exactly why when one decides to study English abroad, they normally do so because they believe that a full immersion in an English-speaking country is their best bet. This will, in turn, result in the students being motivated to learn more and more, for they will have to use every single word learnt in order to survive in a country where their language is hardly known, if at all.

Some students, however, are not contented with just that. These particularly ambitious students want to speak English whenever possible. They seek to deny themselves the chance, or even the temptation, of resorting to their mother tongue when a word does not quite spring to mind.

This sort of person is, more often than not, not too keen on staying at a residence with other foreign students. Were they to do that, these people would feel as if they were missing out on something vital; in other words, the real experience of living and sharing with the locals.

What is the solution to all of that? In truth, it is rather simple. Homestay Malta!

If there is one thing the Maltese are renowned for, then that is most certainly their hospitality (it’s either that or their big houses!). They are used to people being around them, which is perhaps synonymous with people who spend their lives on an island. Therefore, booking your shared or private room at a Maltese family’s house would allow you to get a real feel, as well as to warm up to the island and its inhabitants in a much quicker and, why not, fancier manner.

Were that not enough, there are also myriads of other benefits. For instance, having a teacher at school providing you with new words and structures is absolutely fabulous, but going home and actually find people with whom to use all of that is even better. After all, it is only practice which will make you a fluent speaker.

Having said that, language, albeit an integral part of your journey, is not the only crucial matter here. In fact, you also need to focus on yourself and on your survival. Needless to say, a Host Family would facilitate matters in no small way. Waking up and finding breakfast awaiting you before heading out for school, going back home after a day of intense work to find a nicely cooked dinner awaiting you…these are aspects not to ignore.

Is that not enough? Well, the plus sides are endless. Think about coming across some difficulties, such as taking ill or requiring to go to some office you are completely oblivious to — how does a local person sound in this case? In short, not only will the family look after you, but also try to make your stay a most comfortable and pleasurable one.

Do you want that special care while in Malta? Then look no further — book a homestay!

Homestay Malta
Homestay Malta