German student’s EC Malta testimonial

“Before I came to EC Malta Language School, I was afraid to speaking English. But it was not a problem to practice it at school and in my host family. The teachers, my host parents and the other students were, all, very nice. They took my fear away. On the other hand, Malta is a very beautiful count … Read more

Monday’s meeting events at EC Malta Language School

On Monday’s Meet and Greet and Culture Club we had about 70 new students who gathered in the Test centre, with Pamela and other EC team members, in a relaxed atmosphere with music. The purpose was to allow new students to get to know their classmates, thanks to a system of “speed dating” where peopl … Read more

ESL Malta

Why choose ESL Malta at EC Language School?

Why choose Malta to study ESL (English as a Second Language)? Simple! Imagine a small island surrounded by crystal clear water, an endless supply of sunshine, various beaches and fantastic food. Sounds heavenly right? Another great advantage is that Malta is an English speaking country. Hence, by ch … Read more

Swiss student talks about learning English in Malta

“I stayed in Malta just two weeks but it was very interesting. I improved my English reading and communication too. I had many opportunities to speak English with a lot of students. I was beginner at first, but now I can say that I speak well and I’m not afraid if I have to ask something to so … Read more

Student Testimonial by Sanober Khan - EC Malta Language School CAE Student

Learning English in Malta: Sanober Khan

    “From my very first day, I felt at ease and really at home at EC. There’s no denying that its modern equipment and orange classrooms created an attractive and welcoming learning environment. In fact, on my first day at the school I was absolutely sure I’d made the right decision … Read more

EC Malta Language School Testimonial

Maxim Antonov – Russian   “I studied English in Malta for two weeks. I will definitely recommend EC Malta to my friends. At EC Malta Language School, I had good possibilities to speak English with students from different countries. I enjoyed my intensive lessons because they were more interesti … Read more