Another “Bucket List” Article by an EC Malta Language School Student from Belgium

Ebbigail Vandenbussche - EC Malta Language School Student


The lecture was about Pamela’s Bucket List an EC Malta Language School Teacher. She explained the meaning and the origin of the expression “The Bucket List.”

She also gave us some examples of things you can put on your bucket list. She gave a lot of examples but the most important was travelling around the world. She putted on her bucket list that she wants to visit every continent in the world. Afterwards, she shaved us her favourite places on earth.

First, some places in Europe followed by some places in Africa and the end of the presentation was about Asia. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to talk about the absolute hot spots of other three continents; America, Antarctica and Oceania.

We saw beautiful destinations which I really want to visit but it’s too bad that there wasn’t time enough for the rest.