Valentina Herzig: Can art change the world?

Student Valentina Herzig – EC Malta Language School

Valentina Herzig: Can art change the world?

Can art change the world?

JR is a French artist who was asked by the television show “Ted Talk”
to respond to the question “could art change the world?”, to present
himself and his work. At the early age of 15 JR started to do graffiti all
around Paris. After some years he began to take photos of himself and
his friends while doing graffiti and stuck the posters of those photos
on the walls of the city, slightly changing the type of his street art. His
posters became higher and wider and he began to take pictures of
faces which took up entire house walls. He worked on many projects
around the world; he went to Brazil, Kenya, Israel-Palestine, etc. With
his art he created natural places for peaceful exchange between people.
One of his purposes in fact was to make art available to everyone,
so that poor people could also have the chance to concentrate on
something else other than procuring food, even if, it was just a moment.
Dui to the fact that the pictures can be seen from far away and stay
for a long time on the walls, the particular idea or topic they represent
won’t be forgotten. The impact JR’s art works have is great because
the pictures don’t show what happens, like the media does, but instead
are a reflection of the people’s emotions about a particular event. But
the meaning of the pictures wouldn’t be so impactful without the
place, with which they are connected. JR’s art works are impressive and
definitely can change our view about the world