EC Malta Language School’s student article about World Environment Day

Mykyta Gorbulya – Ukrainian student at EC Malta Language School


Nowadays, people should use bicycles more often than cars because cars produce a huge amount of bad pollution in the atmosphere increasing the rate of global warming. I believe that in the future bicycles would be the most common transport on the earth.
According to this statement, there are more advantages than disadvantages. Firstly, people drive the cares because it is easier for them to get to their place of work; it takes less time than to ride a bicycle. People do not think about the future and what could possibly happen in 50 years. The risk of global warming is so close to us.
Secondly, people are so lazy to ride bicycles just because it needs efforts such as muscles and stamina.
Thirdly, when people stay in traffic jam they cannot drive through this. Never the less, those who use bicycles are able to get through this jam.
Personally speaking, I think that bicycles are our future and future of other generations after us. For me, if I could choose I would prefer bicycles rather than cars just because this kind of transport is close to me. Also, I am thinking about our planet and how to take care of it. If we do not reduce the amount of cars, our lives on the earth will not be so long and peaceful as we thought before.