Student’s notes about lecture in Malta Language School

Cemil Uruc – Turkish student of Malta Language School     ” Australia consists of six states. There is Queensland, New South wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.  The Australia famous food is barbecue. Australian people like beer. Australian money is Australian dollars, coins are bigger than two Australian dollars coins.  Willem Janszoon, a dutch … Read more

French Junior programme: My English class in Malta

    “My name is Guillaume Vallée, I am 16 years old and I’m from Nantes, in France! This is my first year with EC and I am having a great experience. English class in Malta are interesting and the activities are awesome. I really like the night parties and Maltese beaches like St.Peter’s pool. … Read more

Anita speaks about her English class in Malta

  ” It’s my second time in Malta and I really like it, because I like to meet new people and talk in English with them. There are also amazing leaders who always make fun, so it’s never boring. One of my favourite things are lessons and parties. This year I really liked my English class in … Read more

A typical Summer Camp day at EC Malta Language School

A typical Summer Camp day at EC Malta Language School

Following their English Lesson at EC Malta Language School and lunch at school the children were split into their ‘rainbow’ colored groups: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white. The activities for the afternoon were sports, lions and tigers and Arts and Crafts.   The Arts and Crafts station was set up in the leisure … Read more

Why Choose EC Malta Language School?

Why Choose EC Malta Language School?

Why choose EC Malta Language School as your ESL destination this year? Located in the heart of the Mediterranean see, this island nation is full of life and history and is known as one of the best summer destinations in Europe. At EC Malta Language School we offer plenty of activities which you can combine together … Read more

Another EC Malta Language School Junior Testimonial

  My 2 weeks in Malta have been amazing 🙂 I found new friends, learnt a lot of new things. Our activities and lessons are always fun. My leaders were the best leaders of the world because they always could make me laugh, they became my friends. In my opinion when your leaders are your … Read more

EC Malta Language School Testimonial

  My trip in Malta Language School was unforgettable and amazing! I think I was more good at the English and now I can understand nearly all the people in English! Activities with EC were very cool for teenagers! And for me, be and live during 2 weeks with a lot of people from all … Read more