EC Malta: A student’s lecture notes about his ESL Malta experience

Alberto Morazan – ESL Malta Spanish student

EC Malta your ESL destination


“The lecturer starts by introducing the topic with a typical Australian greeting. Although easily understandable, it’s obvious that the writing differs slightly from that of format English, since it’s long. Then, he talks about Australian food, whose main particularity is that Barbecue plays an essential role on it. As for the history, in short, it was discovered and explored by European navigators in the early 17th century. Speaking of their culture, we know English is the most widely spoken language there and Christianity is the major religion. Besides, the land is populated with migrants from 200 nations. Of course, they have their own distinctive items, such as the boomerang. Regarding the geography, the country is divided into six territories with the main cities located on the coast. Furthermore, there are three time zones with different climate. Australia has its own flora and fauna. Coral is protected, but can be sold in small amounts as a souvenir. We can recognize some Australian celebrities, mostly actors. As a criticism, crime rates are extremely high and locals don’t seem to be concerned with it. To finish with, Australia means unknown southern land. In my opinion despite being on the other side of the world, Australia is well worth a visit. “