“Malta is lovely” – Jessica from Colombia

  Jessica Ortiz Mendoza from Colombia   I would recommend EC because it’s an excellent school and this country, Malta, is lovely! The teachers are great and they’re always trying to help you to Learn English in Malta and improve the skills that you need. The location of the school is beaut … Read more

Learn English in Malta student

Mario Alejandro Lerma Cruz     Londonium or London as we know it nowadays, was established in AD 43 however is believed that between 1000 – 1100 BC it was called Trinavatum and founded by Brutus of Troy. When the Roman empire built the city, under the rule of the emperor Claudius, they dev … Read more

Turkish student recommends EC Malta English School

    Of course I would recommend EC English School Malta because they teach all their knowledge. I think EC Malta is the best because I learnt English very well. All the staff and teachers are kind and friendly so I love EC Malta. I came to Malta ten weeks ago. Ten weeks ago my English was … Read more

EC Malta student “sad about going back home”

  What do you like the best about EC Malta? Well, that’s a tricky question. Hadn’t I liked my experience here so much, I could be able to choose only one thing, but fortunately I can’t. Since the first moment, the school is concerned about our well being. They give us precious … Read more

Learn English in Malta

Learn English in Malta

Why Learn English in Malta? It has become a priority, a commodity that’s also a necessity — the English language has become part and parcel of our daily lives. Lacking this feather in our cap is tantamount to a handicap, a hinderance. Hence why the learning of English as a Second Language has not on … Read more

Student thanks EC for “nice stay” in Malta

  It was wonderful to be a member the group of EC English School Malta students. I had the opportunity to know great teachers and make many friends from different nationalities, It was amazing the places that I’ve been by EC excursions, like the exhilarating Blue Lagoon in Comino and the … Read more

Brazil students learn English in Malta with EC

  “We had a great time at EC English School. It was not just a time to Learn English in Malta, but a wonderful life experience. We knew people from a many parts of the world and we could exchange experiences. The teachers are so friendly and the staffs are very helpful. We found amazing p … Read more