Colombian student writes an Article about “Psychics Topic” and EC Malta Lecture

2015-09-16 14.40.04


When I saw the name of the lecture of this month, I felt very interested in this topic or theme.
Speaking of “psychics topic” was strange for me.
When I listened to other person speak about it, I felt intrigued and a little bit frightened because this topic is a taboo in my country.
But in this lecture the teacher opened my eyes, because now I know so much of it and I think that it is very amazing and interesting.
I learnt that a psychic is a person who possesses extra-sensory abilities like precognition, clairvoyance or telepathy, for example a medium.
The most common psychic readings are: tarot cards, crystal ball, palmistry, teacup or coffee cup, trance table and other things.
It is important to know that humans have 7 chakras and each one represents different things:
1st Base Chakra – belonging,
2nd Sacral Chakra – health,
3rd Solar Plexus Chakra – confidence and positive self-esteem,
4th Heart Chakra – love and hope,
5th Throat Chakra – communication through sound,
6th Third Eye Chakra – seeing your place in the world and
7th Crown Chakra – wisdom and spiritual connection.
In history there are famous psychics as Doris Fisher and John Edwards, but the most interesting for me was Nostradamus.
He was a man that lived in the 16th century.
He was a fantastic astrologer, due to the fact he hadn’t many tools, but he could see many events that happened, as 9/11 in the USA.
When people go to the psychic sometimes this visit could be dangerous. Why?
Because the psychics may create false sense of hope or may charge a lot of money for their service, or, worst of all, interfere in personal relationships,
may change a person’s way of thinking and it could be harmful if the client is going to this place for fun. Really I wouldn’t like it!


Thanks to all the EC staff for an amazing Study English in Malta experience.