French student school testimonial

    I would recommend to Study English in Malta with EC Malta because in my opinion it’s the best place to improve your English. Teachers are very good and we can meet a lot of nationalities. This school has a good ambiance and my classmates are good fun and nice! My favourite hang out in … Read more

EC Malta student from France

Psychic is a person with an object to be able to predict the future through a spirit. All people are psychics from birth but some people developed more psychic forces like mediums with specific methods to communicate with the human mind. Being psychic is also associated with the Chakras, which refer … Read more

Colombian Student recommends EC Malta

I would recommend EC Malta because is a great place where you can find an excellent balance between study and social life. I like a lot of things about EC Malta, for example the facilities are great and EC has awesome teachers – they are focus in your English but they know that you are enjoying your … Read more

Spooky Halloween at EC Malta

Skeletons, tombstones, spider webs, oh my! English Language School EC Malta brought out all the “spooky stuff” for a Haunted Halloween Party that ripped up the night! The adults-only student bash featured eerie black table settings, green steaming cocktails, fabulous party guest costumes and more dr … Read more

Third article by an EC Malta student from Colombia

This lecture is the best for now. I’m really impressed with Africa’s beauty. Africa is an incredible continent. Usually people only speak about the problems of this place: It’s poverty, it’s illness or something like this. But Pamela did an excellent job , she opened my eyes and showed me the awesom … Read more

School Testimonial by an EC Malta student

  I should recommend EC Malta because it’s the best school in Malta. It has good teachers and education system. What I like about EC Malta is that it’s located in a good place. For instance near the bus stop and supermarket. What I like about my course is that it included may types of ports. I … Read more

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Some notes by EC Malta student Mika Sugiyama

Some notes written by EC Malta English Language School student from Japan (Mika Sugiyama) I had an image of Africa that there were a lot of wild animals, natural places and tribes. Africa is dangerous because there are many people who are very poor and have diseases. This image is the strongest in m … Read more