Third article by an EC Malta student from Colombia

This lecture is the best for now.

I’m really impressed with Africa’s beauty.

Africa is an incredible continent. Usually people only speak about the problems of this place:

It’s poverty, it’s illness or something like this.

But Pamela did an excellent job , she opened my eyes and showed me the awesome Africa.

Now, I want to travel to many places in Africa.

First of all, Africa is the biggest continent in the world, at that place we can find many varieties of animals, for example:

in Africa there are 1100 species of mammals, there are 2600 species of birds, 3000 species of water fishes and there are 100000 species of insects.

Also, it’s possible to find elephants, the largest primate of the world (Gorilla).

If you visit Madagascar you can find the biggest birds in the world, the world’s biggest beetles (Goliath Beetle) and minions of species.

The best 8 countries to go on a safari are: Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, because this countries have incredible jungles.

In Africa also there are 3 principal deserts: Kalahari desert, Namib desert and Sahara desert, but there is an amazing desert in Egypt, why? Because it is a white desert!!

On the other hand, we can visit beaches like Durban, Fuerteventura, Cape Verde, but the best for me is Seychelles.

But most important for me it’s always the culture of places.

We learnt that Africans have 3 religions: Islam, Christianity and indigenous, that depends on where people live.

Also we can find different tribes, approximately more than 1000 tribes, but there are some undocumented tribes still and there are more than 2000 languages collectively used by their tribes.




Study English in Malta lecture note by an EC Malta student from Colombia