Elodie Chesnier an EC Malta English Language School Student

The environment is being affected by the global warming. The average temperature of the planet is increasing gradually. On the one hand, the global warming is the result in natural causes with the increase of greenhouse gases and especially the CO2. Indeed the CO2 comes from animals, plants, trees and sea which produce and store it. On the other hand, the global warming is generated by man-made causes with factories which burn oil and coal, the increase of pollution caused by the deforestation. The global warming induces the rise of sea levels as a result people have to leave home. As well the aforementioned it is sea life and wildlife and the increase of forest fires, floods, storms and droughts. We haven’t stopped it because of politics, the economy, the powerful oil companies, the development of countries and the attitude that affects are not happening. In the future, we have to help the community, to convert to green energy such as solar, wind or hydro energy. We have to use clean and less energy at home and use cars less. Finally, we have to recycle rubbish.

Elodie Chesnier – EC Malta English Language School