‘An incredible linguistic and cultural experience’

  My husband and I attended a month-long English course at EC Malta English Language School. Initially, we thought that, because of our age, we would not feel too comfortable. But, for our surprise, we found other people with the same age and with similar objectives to us were there. EC Malta, through the Club … Read more

EC Language School in Malta Student Testimonial

‘A friendly and exciting atmosphere’ – French student

My journey at EC Language School in Malta provided me significant experiences from a personal and professional point of view, all of these in a friendly and exciting atmosphere. At EC School I have really improved my English and I became more confident with it. In other words, the native English speaker teachers have allowed … Read more

EC Malta student visits Sicily

Sicily tour was a great!!   There were two places we visited during the tour; Mt.Etna, where we climbed up the mountain and the old city Modica where there are world Heritages. Firstly, Mt.Etna was a splendid mountain. It had the most wonderful view I have ever seen and there was little snow. Therefore for … Read more

EC Malta opens Adult English School

We are thrilled to announce that EC Malta 30+ has opened its doors yesterday! Now our students over the age of 30 can enjoy brand new surroundings, dedicated 30+classrooms, and exclusive lounge area for this unique programme. Check out our photos!                                 … Read more

Climate change, global warming discussed at EC Malta

  When you hear the word “Environment” some people have bad images such as environment destruction, pollution and so on. This time, we learn about climate change and global warming. Climate change affects the temperature which will continue to rise. The cause of it is almost human. We burn fossil fuels such as oil and … Read more