EC Malta English Centre 30+… going the extra mile


EC Malta opens centre for Adult English Courses
EC Malta opens centre for Adult English Courses

If you have ever been to EC Malta English Centre, you will have noticed and heard (hard to miss, really!) that we take great pride in the fact that we go the extra mile to make your experience a special one. Those who, on the other hand, have not yet had the pleasure to be with us, then I am sure you have read about it… (You see, many tell us that our reputation precedes us.)

Never happy with the great service we already offer, we always strive to make sure we give you exactly the course you have bargained for.

The Club30+ programme was, in fact, designed in such a way that our students would feel more comfortable, at ease and more in charge of their studies.

Learning is never easy. This is a reality of life that can hardly be denied. Therefore, feeling ‘at home’ when in the classroom is not only important, but actually indispensable.

Being amongst people your age, people who have accumulated certain experiences, just like you have, is crucial in such situations. Imagine it…you’re in class, and sitting opposite you is someone more or less your age, right beside you is someone else who, again, is round about your age. Does this not make you feel more comfortable than having someone who is, possibly, less than half your age, and who has not yet started university?

Age is not everything though. After all, it is just a number. Or is it?

The people sitting around you are the ones who will either make it a great or a mediocre experience. In most cases – whether we admit it to ourselves or not – age plays a fundamental role in how motivated and eager we are. As teachers, we cannot but help notice how the Club30+ students are infinitely more motivated. Teaching these classes is a true pleasure in that the students are always keen to learn, to interact and to ask a million questions if need be.

These are exactly the people you want to have in class. These are the classes where people have fun discussing topics in a mature manner, and where the teacher need not remind the students to speak English or to jot down notes. That’s the beauty of the ‘older’ groups…these students know why they are here and they will do everything that is in their power to learn as much as possible.

EC Malta’s Language Centre saw the need for this programme specifically for these reasons. We now have the possibility to group students with others their age, who share the same goal and aspiration: mastering English!

Book your spot…and come here to learn English in a fun environment. The best aspect of all will be that you will be looking forward to coming to school each and every morning.