EC Malta is not only an English school, it’s a whole experience!

Juana Carolina Lince Salazar from Colombia


EC Malta is not only an English school, it's a whole experience! Juana from Colombia


For me EC Malta is not only a school, EC is a whole experience.

You can improve your English because the teaching methods are almost flawless and you meet people you would never forget.
All of this EC school experiences are memories that are going to stay with you forever.
They are going to help you to communicate in English and to grow up as a person.

These are the reasons why I would recommend EC Malta English Language School.

What I like about EC school is that you are always learning English:
In class and in the free time activities you are always evolving and communicating in English because there are people from all over the world and for all of us learning English is our main goal.

The methods of EC school are very effective to teach English because it’s very interactive and you always have fun while you are learning.

And another thing I like about EC is the staff – they are very helpful and support you every time you need.
What I like the most about my course are my teachers in the advanced class because they have been very patient and nice all the time.

The environment in the class room is very didactic and fresh and the lessons are never monotonous because we practice every aspect of the language, writing, listening, reading and speaking.

My favourite hang out in the evenings is ‘Native’ because since I’m a Latin person I like the atmosphere of that bar and the music is also very good.

All of my friends go there even if they are not Latin so it’s like showing a part of our Latin culture to them.

My favourite EC activity is the welcome dinner (now called welcome event) because when you come, you don’t know a lot of people so it’s a good way to make friends and to get to know people while you enjoy a perfect dinner.

I would recommend future EC students to enjoy this experience to the maximum and be open minded with every culture and person because you will learn a lot from them and you will have the best time of your life.