Worth every Penny!

Travelling to Europe has been a dream since I was eight years old. After a few years saving money, my father was able to help me realize that dream. And I realized that doing an exchange would be the best way. When I chose Malta, I did not know much about the country, but it … Read more

Swiss student has an unforgettable time in Malta

  Against all odds, I decided to enrol in the Cambridge Exam preparation Course in Malta, and this was the best decision I could ever have made. The course focuses on everything the student needs to know for the exam, therefore all the skills, in a deep manner. That being said, I admit that such … Read more

‘Best experience’ by an Austrian 30+ Student

Josef Koch  – Club 30+ student from Austria    I decided to come to EC Malta and I realized that it is the best choose out of all the language school in Malta. Classrooms are very comfortable and stylish spaces furthermore teachers analyse your individual language development and help you and focus on your weaknesses. … Read more

‘I met a lot of new friends’ Saioa from Spain

  I am very happy here, especially studying at EC Language School in Malta. For me it is a one of the greatest experience so far,I like the classes a lot, the school, teachers, organization, classmates… Especially this mix on nationalities you find at school. I would like to stay for more time but I … Read more

Brazilian student thanks EC Malta’s teaching skills

Sandro Miranda from Brazil “I liked EC Malta because this school gave me the best English immersion that I needed, so I really appreciated every second  studying at EC Language School in Malta, the teacher are incredible and the staff always help me when I needed. Thank you very much for everything EC Malta.”