The EC Malta Easter Boat Party 2013

The first boat party of the season always kicks off with the traditional Easter Boat Party. This year it was held on the 28th of March. It was a successful event as all the tickets sold out right away and a full boat with 180 pax on board the Hera sailed and partied around the Maltese Islands. The b … Read more

The EC Malta Harlem Shake

Article by Sabine Bobrowski – EC Malta Intern 2012 was Gangnam Style . . . 2013 the Year of Harlem Shake!! That’s what the Community says. Around the Globe people are doing the Harlem Shake. There are hundreds of examples to find on the Internet. Not even EC Malta could stay away from this ‘cr … Read more

19/10/2012 – 20/10/2012 BIRGUFEST

Looking for something to do this weekend? Here’s a great activity for you… BIRGUFEST 2012 Birgu is one of Malta’s oldest and most historic cities. This event aims to highlight Birgu’s historic and architectural beauty. The streets are lit up with thousands of candles of all k … Read more

Brace Yourself!!

Yesterday’s activity deserves a blog because it’s always absolutely brilliant… An afternoon where the summer camp kids are whisked off to a beach club, where a sun bed and umbrella awaits each of them. The children can relax, have a dip in the splendid sea, or play on the sand with their leade … Read more

‘Horny’ the Goat

Last Sunday, the summer camp kids went to Razzett tal-Hbiberija. This is the students’ first activity, a relaxing morning by a pool and a tour of the surrounding park filled with farm animals. Some are allowed to feed deer and various birds, while others prefer to hold and pet goats and donkeys. For … Read more