A letter from Angelina

I was a chinese student of EC. I like EC school.I learned a lot here,I met a lot of good friends which come from all over the world.I met fantastic teachers who make me feel very lucky in my life. I would like to thank those teacher, like :Nick;Toby;David;Francis;Marco;Joe;Kirstin;Judit;Jessica and … Read more

Why Study the Exam Cambridge Course at EC Malta?

A student Testimonial by Virginia Ondelli, 18 from Switzerland Having attended the four-week Intensive English course and the four-week Cambridge Exam course, I’d recommend EC for everyone who wants to improve their English skills. The school takes the learning progress really seriously, nevertheles … Read more

EC Malta student experience while learning English

Written by KAY KEUSEN, 34, Swiss Would I recommend EC Malta? Why certainly! I’m impressed about the organisation at the school. If I have any problems the customer care will solve it briefly. The most teachers gave me what I expected. EC has a big effort for students that they feel in short time cos … Read more