Marika Orlando, Student Testimonial “EC Manchester, amazing adventure”

Our student Marika left last weekend and she wanted to share her #ecexperience with us “EC Manchester School has been for me an unforgettable experience! I had the opportunity to improve my English with qualities and funny teachers, but also to meet new friends from all over the world. I enjoyed my time with games and activities in the afternoon too because the school offers a wide choice of both cultural visits and sport events. I recommend this school to everyone who comes in Manchester to study English. Just come and see! Thank you EC Manchester, you have been for me an amazing adventure!!” Thank you Marika! Best of lucks in the future, we will miss you!

Hello Melanie! :)

Hi! I’m Melanie, I’m a French girl of 21 years old. I’ll be the new student services intern for the next 12 months at EC Manchester. I’m currently studying International business and I like to travel for my studies. EC Manchester is a great opportunity for me because I can meet a lot of people, do many different things and improve my skills. I’m very dynamic, I like to be involved in many things and I hope I’ll bring something new to the school. Also, I already lived in London 2 years ago for 3 months and really had a crush on this city. For me, Manchester is a good compromise between green place, dynamic atmosphere and beautiful architecture in a not too big city. I’m pretty sure this year is going to be awesome for me.

Bye bye Severine :(

Will I miss working at EC Manchester ? Yes, I will. In fact, I already do. I miss the people that welcomed me as part of the team, espacially Michael and Gillian to whom I could always turned to or asked anything if I had any problem. They trusted me since the very beginning and this is a priceless feeling when you are new in a company, in a city and in a country. I miss the students thanks to whom I have spent great moments inside and outside the school. We shared so much experience . You can learn as much from them that they are learning from you. I miss Manchester, this unexpected city that has lots of cultural and social events to offer. I left the city for a week now but it feels like I am coming back from 4 months of a foreign experience so far away from my real life. I have been lucky enough to be part of it since the very beginning, as my first day as an intern was also the day the school opened its doors ; seeing the school growing was really interesting. Being an intern at EC Manchester was a fantastic experience. I had the chance to learn from people coming from all over the world. I am really thanksfull for this opportunity to improve both my English and professional skills with such great people !

Student Testimonial: EC Manchester “an amazing place to make new friends”

Our student Yves who left last weekend wanted to share his testimonial with everyone. Here is something about his experience at EC Manchester. “I really enjoyed my time in Manchester. The teachers in EC Manchester helped me a lot, specially my speaking and listening skill so now I am able to chat with native speakers without any big problems. But EC Manchester was not only a great school, but also an amazing place to make new friends. In addition EC Manchester provides some great services and activities like football afternoon, bowling, welcome drinks, and guides tours to other cities! In general I can recommend a stay in Manchester, and specially in EC Manchester to everybody who wants to improve their English and have a great time” From EC Manchester: Thanks for your words Yves. Best of luck!