Bye bye Severine :(

Will I miss working at EC Manchester ? Yes, I will. In fact, I already do.

I miss the people that welcomed me as part of the team, espacially Michael and Gillian to whom I could always turned to or asked anything if I had any problem. They trusted me since the very beginning and this is a priceless feeling when you are new in a company, in a city and in a country.

I miss the students thanks to whom I have spent great moments inside and outside the school. We shared so much experience . You can learn as much from them that they are learning from you.

I miss Manchester, this unexpected city that has lots of cultural and social events to offer.
I left the city for a week now but it feels like I am coming back from 4 months of a foreign experience so far away from my real life. I have been lucky enough to be part of it since the very beginning, as my first day as an intern was also the day the school opened its doors ; seeing the school growing was really interesting.

Being an intern at EC Manchester was a fantastic experience. I had the chance to learn from people coming from all over the world. I am really thanksfull for this opportunity to improve both my English and professional skills with such great people !




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