Student Testimonial: Rafaela

  Rafaela was one of our amazing student ambassador. She comes from Swiss and she stayed here for 6 months. She let us a message before she leaves : “EC Manchester was a great experience. I learned a lot in my 5 months and i met interesting people from everywhere.Also my job as a Ambassador was a good experience. I would recommend the school to everybody because it is like a family. The staff is very helpful and they do all that you can enjoy your stay in Manchester. Thank you for the great time !”

Manchester Day

What is Manchester Day ? Every year the city celebrates Manchester Day. This year it takes place on Sunday 14 June 2015. There will be a wonderful parade, amazing spectacles and a lot of activities around a theme across the city centre. This year the theme is Game On ! Manchester Day will transform Manchester into an animated playground of music and procession in a celebration of leisure. Manchester will become an international gaming place. “Manchester Day 2015 promises to be even bigger and better than ever! As well as an amazing parade through the heart of the city, Manchester’s city centre squares will feature a dazzling array of performances, decorations and mouth watering food and drink throughout the day.”  written by Live EC Experience through Manchester Day ! Ready..Game On ! More information on the official website :  

Salsa dancing class by the student Francisco !

Wednesday, June 10th a student from EC Manchester, Francisco Lopez taught us the famous dance of Salsa. He comes from Columbia that is why he is the best dancer of EC Manchester. Students, teachers and the staff had a great time together. Turkish, Saudi Arabian, Lybian, Ricain Costa, Chilean, Venezuelan, Japanese and French people were dancing. I think is now an international dance !       Even some students only watch the lesson…   …we had a lot of fun together 🙂  

Welcome Beatrice ! Our new Student Services Intern at EC Manchester

  We welcome our new Student Services Intern Beatrice. She will stay for two months with us at EC Manchester. She wanted to share a few words with all of you : “During my studies in a Business School in Paris i have to carry out an internship abroad to validate my grade. I choose an English School to improve my English and to speak to foreigners. I am totally satisfied because EC Manchester made me able to speak always English with students and colleagues that is beneficial for my studies. In fact, EC Manchester looks like a big family because everybody is friendly. Then the meetings don’t stop at EC Manchester because we see each other’s outside to have a drink or go out the weekend. EC Manchester is a very nice EC Experience for students for both interns!”

EC Manchester helps you to take your IELTS test

Every weeks EC Manchester suggests a lesson of one hour to prepare you to the official IELTS test. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an international standardised test of English Language established in 1989. It’s managed by  Cambridge English Language Assessment, The British Council and IDP Education. Teachers of EC Manchester take care to help their students to prepare the official IELTS test and to do English course in Manchester. More information in the official website : #ECExperience

Zehra and Yusuf Experience

Zehra and Yusuf is a couple comes from Istanbul in Turkey. They wanted to live EC Experience together to do English course in Manchester for 6 months. Zehra wanted to share their amazing experience with us : “The school is awesome! We are extremely delighted that EC Manchester was part of our life! İt’s worth not only for the well-established educational system, highly quilified and experienced teachers, but also for the supportive and friendly staff, quite modern classrooms and for the wide range of facilities that the school organses, especially Pizza days:) EC Manchester provides not only language experience, but also unforgetabble lifetime cultural exchange! You can’t feel yourself homesick, all the staff, especially Sarah, takes care to make you feel as much as possible relaxed, comfortable as a member of the big family of EC Manchester. Some comments about the staff: First of all, we would like to thank you to Sarah! She was extremely supportive all the time. Being a good listener, she reassured us a lot and managed to find solutions to all our concerns. Thank you Sarah for all your help! Secondly, we would like to share some good things about our teachers: Jen – she knows exactly what the students need, how they want to finish their sentences, and generally, how to encourage them to take part in the lessons in order to improve themselves. Being a good observer of her students in the class, she can guess their needs, feelings, weaknesses or strenghts and tries to motivate them. Thank you Jen! John – he is just talented! He has funny and friendly teaching method which he applies to all his classes.Starting everytime with small talks, he made us feel good, relaxed and ready for the next lesson with impatience. Thank you John for your positive … Read more

Student Testimonial: Basak

  Hilal Basak Tuter comes from Turkey to do an English course in Manchester and we think she really enjoyed the EC Experience. She wanted leave us a message : “I’m so glad. It was amazing. When I come here I have just zero english, but my english really improved quickly. The staff were very pretty. The teachers are always kind or patient. They are really want to do the best for me. I’d see ASAP. I made a lot of friends. I’ll never ever forget them. There have been perfect days with them. I’d definetly recommend to all my friend. I have a lot of thank for you. It was really nice to meet you. Unforgettable moments ! :)”