Student Testimonial: Rafaela

  Rafaela was one of our amazing student ambassador. She comes from Swiss and she stayed here for 6 months. She let us a message before she leaves : “EC Manchester was a great experience. I learned a lot in my 5 months and i met interesting people from everywhere.Also my job as a Ambassad … Read more

Manchester Day

What is Manchester Day ? Every year the city celebrates Manchester Day. This year it takes place on Sunday 14 June 2015. There will be a wonderful parade, amazing spectacles and a lot of activities around a theme across the city centre. This year the theme is Game On ! Manchester Day will transform … Read more

Salsa dancing class by the student Francisco !

Wednesday, June 10th a student from EC Manchester, Francisco Lopez taught us the famous dance of Salsa. He comes from Columbia that is why he is the best dancer of EC Manchester. Students, teachers and the staff had a great time together. Turkish, Saudi Arabian, Lybian, Ricain Costa, Chilean, Venezu … Read more

Zehra and Yusuf Experience

Zehra and Yusuf is a couple comes from Istanbul in Turkey. They wanted to live EC Experience together to do English course in Manchester for 6 months. Zehra wanted to share their amazing experience with us : “The school is awesome! We are extremely delighted that EC Manchester was part of our … Read more

Student Testimonial: Basak

  Hilal Basak Tuter comes from Turkey to do an English course in Manchester and we think she really enjoyed the EC Experience. She wanted leave us a message : “I’m so glad. It was amazing. When I come here I have just zero english, but my english really improved quickly. The staff w … Read more