Student Testimonial: Juliana Maria

  Juliana comes from Colombia and she stayed at EC Manchester English School for 3 months. She let us a message before she leaves : “In the beginning I was so undecided about studying English overseas. However, I decided to go abroad and make my dream come true, in the way I was looking for the best play to go to study English, after a difficult search, I found EC Manchester and I chose it to be the place where I would study English. I was in EC Manchester around 3 months, when I started the course I had many expectations and goals to achieve. After all that time of hard-work and a lot time shared with my new friends. I finished the course and everything has been better than I imagined. This opportunity has been one of the best adventures which I have ever had in my life. I am extremely grateful to EC and each one of the teachers who have made it possible for me to improve my English. Consequently, I would really like to EC to each one who is thinking about study English and know other country.”    

Intern testimonial: Charline!

Charline (left) and Beatrice Charline is our last intern at EC Manchester. She stayed for 3 months and had an amazing experience with us. She wants to share some words with us : “I come from France and I staid 3 months in Manchester as part of my internship for my school in Grenoble. It was an amazing experience for me, I met very nice people come from everywhere in the world and I never forget them. My job in EC Manchester was interesting with varied and numerous tasks, I could help students for their questions and spoke in English with them. I recommend EC Manchester to every people who want to learn English for it positive atmosphere, it quality teachers and it nice staff. Thanks for this unforgettable three months in Manchester” We will miss you! ===== EC offers various English Courses, including IELTS in Manchester