Intern Testimonial : Maeva

Hi, my name is Maeva and I am the new Student Services Intern. Before that I studied employment law for 5 years at the University of Bordeaux in France and after I have studied Human Resources in the Business school of Bordeaux.

It’s very important for me to improve my skills in English and that’s why I decided to do my internship in the UK  and more specifically in Manchester and that’s why I’m following an English course.

I am doing my internship with a programme “Erasmus Primera” which is a European Programme.

I chose Manchester because I would like to improve my skills in English for my future job and discover British Culture.

It’s my first week in EC Manchester and the Staff and the teachers are very nice and friendly.

Working at EC Manchester it’s a real opportunity for me to talk with many people who come from all the parts of the world.


Maeva Ferrand