Must go: Almost Famous



Everyone who is fan of a delicious, big, greasy burger should go to Almost Famous. It’s the best burger place in town. Though you pay around 10 pounds for a burger, it’s totally worth it. The first thing you think when you see the burger in front of you is: How am I going to eat this? Just squeeze it a little and take a really big bite. The flavours explode in your mouth, leaving you wanting more and more.

The burgers aren’t the only reason to go to this place. The music is great, the location is perfect and the ambiance is fantastic. The restaurant looks great with graffiti on the wall, the lights just a little dimmed and the food presented in a way that reminds you of America.

In short: go to Almost Famous if you’re craving for a perfectly made burger! At EC’s English School in Manchester we enjoy a lot of dinner parties with the students there, so we can guarantee you that it’s good.