Trip to Lovely Oxford

Last weekend a group of students of EC’s English School in Manchester visited Oxford. Although the weather wasn’t great, all the students enjoyed the trip.   When you arrive in Oxford and start walking through the centre, it feels like you’ve been taken back a couple of centuries. The buildings are old, but still in a perfect state and they make the whole city feel cosy and warm. The universities and libraries are beautiful and enable you to understand why Oxford has such a reputation. Not only the architecture is what makes Oxford such a nice place to visit, also the centre plays part in this. The cars aren’t allowed in the streets, so the place is full of tourists, students and families. Oxford is definitely a place to visit when you have the chance. Hopefully the weather will be better than when we visited, but even if the weather is not great, you’ll still feel the ambiance which makes so many people fall in love with this lovely, unique place.  

A Guide to Manchester Customs (2)

Manchester is not only a great place to study English at the Manchester English Centre, but also a fantastic city filled with clubs, music, food festivals and just about every form of entertainment imaginable… FOOD (LOCAL DELICACIES) Black Pudding – Usually connected with Bury markets, these are long sausages made by boiling pig blood and oats together. Tastes much better than it sounds. Barms – Also called cobs/rolls/muffins and a dangerous topic for conversation. It’s a bread bun that you slice in half to make bacon butties with. Manchester Tart – A simple shortcrust tart made with raspberry jam and custard. No jokes about the name, please. The Manchester Egg – Invented by Mr Ben Holden. A pickled egg wrapped in black pudding and sausage meat coated in a golden crumb. Give it a try. Everyone seems to like them. Vimto – The purple nectar. For those hungover days. Ostrich Burgers – Although ostrich is by no means a local species, you can’t live in Manchester without trying the outdoor food market, the highlight of which for me is the Safari Grill, a company who provide loads of different meats including ostrich, kangaroo and zebra. Fish, chips and mushy peas with gravy – Now we know this makes our southern friends uncomfortable, but you have to face facts. Fish, chips and gravy is delicious. Deal with it.   FOOTBALL It’s no secret that Manchester loves football. It’s home to two of the world’s biggest teams and one of its fiercest rivalries, so if you live here then you’d better get used to match days. This means three things- bursting trams on match days, foreigners asking for directions and old men trying to sell you scarves with weirdly pixellated pictures of player’s faces.   MARKET STREET If it’s your first time … Read more

A Guide to Manchester Customs (1)

Manchester is not only a great place to study English at the Manchester English Centre, but also a fantastic city filled with clubs, music, food festivals and just about every form of entertainment imaginable. Freshers week will be here soon, which means that there will be thousands of new students joining us in Salford, Man Met and Manchester University from all over the country and overseas.  We know that living in a new city can be a stressful and confusing experience, so to make things a little easier here’s freshers veteran Elliot Garlick’s introduction to Manchester… USEFUL PHRASES To start us off, here’s a list of the more common phrases you may encounter during your stay. ‘Going to town’– visiting the city centre. ‘Ave it’– a celebratory remark. ‘Get in’ or ‘belter’ are also acceptable. ‘Dibble’–  the police. From Officer Dibble of 60s cartoon ‘Top Cat’ fame. ‘Mint’– great, as in ‘That film was mint!’ or ‘That mint was mint!’ ‘anging’– terrible, as in ‘That drink was ‘anging, mate.’ ‘Dead’– very, as in ‘My mate is dead stupid.’ Not to be confused with ‘My mate is dead, stupid” ‘Hard’–  tough or dangerous. Warning; if someone asks if you’re hard (or ‘well ‘ard’), they probably want to fight you. ‘Mither’ –  pester, bother, trouble. ‘Dinner’ –  a meal eaten at lunchtime. ‘Tea’ –  a meal eaten at dinner time. ‘Brew’ –  tea (beverage). ‘Rank’ –  awful, foul-tasting. ‘Deck’ –  nothing to do with DIY. It means to hit or punch, as in ‘I’m gonna deck you, mate’. ‘Mate/Pal/Cock/Love/Flower/Mucker’– terms of endearment. Not as insulting as they sound. ‘Gaggin’ – dying for. For example, ‘I’m gaggin’ for a brew, mate’ means ‘I’d really love a cup of tea, please’. ‘Snide’– counterfeit or mean. For example, ‘Mate, she looks like Shrek after a … Read more

School trip: Edinburgh

  Our Student Services Intern Celest would like to share a few words about her trip to Edinburgh. She went there with three of the EC students and had a great time. Hi! I would like to tell you a little about my trip to Edinburgh. I went with three friends, three students at EC English School Manchester, to Edinburgh, Scotland, last weekend and had an absolutely amazing time! What I love about the city is the old architecture of the buildings and because it’s built on the hills, you have a great view when you’re standing on one side of the city, looking at the other side. Not only the architecture is very nice, but also the vibe you’re experiencing when you’re walking around there. The people are very friendly, though it’s a little hard to understand them sometimes when they’re speaking very fast. The great thing about Edinburgh is that it’s very alive. There are street artists on every corner of the streets, always youngsters walking around and always tourists curiously making pictures. The school also organises trips to Edinburgh and all I can advise you is: if you get the chance, you should definitely go. It’s so different from Manchester and a wonderful experience to share with your friends. Celest, Student Services Intern

Miguel Indurain: Manchester, a great place for sport lovers

Our Spanish student Miguel (son of the Spanish cycling legend and 5 times Tour of France winner Miguel Indurain), is doing a 3 months course at our Manchester English Centre. He is a cyclist as well, and never loses an opportunity to take his bicycle and do some routes around Manchester and other near places. We asked him to share his experience so far in the school.     Hello, I am studying in Manchester, a beautiful place to learn english. I arrived 1 month ago and slowly I am discovering the great place that it is. In your first day the friendly staff from Ec English will help you to visit the City Centre and will introduced you to the most important buildings that here you can find. After that its your turn to go out and explore. I am cyclists, and I love sports.Thats why I decided to come Manchester to study, its a great place for sport lovers.  In Manchester I have had the amazing oportunity to discover wonderful landscapes with my bike or just running. There are one national park just 40 minutes by train called Peak District, I have been there with my friends and we enjoyed the nature and also the food that there you can find. Furthermore, the school advance some activities and travels every month that you can enjoy, such as play football every friday, bowling, movies, travels (Liverpool, Edinburgh..) So we can´t be bored! If you are thinking about going abroad to study english I have to say heartly that study here in Manchester its one of best things that you can do. Trust me. It´s an incredible experience to be here! Miguel.