Francisco – Manchester is my cup of tea

Francisco is one of the students who has been with us for a very long time. Not only is he one of the students at EC Manchester School of English, he has also been one of the ambassadors. It was great having you in the school, Francisco. May we meet again one day. I would like to start saying that I’ve found in Manchester my second home and perhaps one day it will be my first home. I leave with with all the good experiences and wisdom that I’ve gather over here. Manchester is a lovely place where the weather can be crazy as the people living in here and in those I include myself. From scratch I thought that I wouldn’t like the city or the things here but it was just a matter of time that I realized that I was in the best city in the UK, this city has taken a part of my heart as well as the people that I’ve met here, all of those people will always remain as my mates. I can certainly say that this experience is the bee’s knees and all the great things you can learn here you will never learn it anywhere else. Either the people, the school or the city are things I will never forget, I am totally glad to have come here and it has been the best decision I have ever taken, without a doubt about it. Manchester does have grey skies, cloudy days and very chilly nights, but this becomes just something irrelevant when you are living the way you live in here and that not even a bad weather will dampens your mood because you’re already accustomed to it and you just want to have fun or paint the town red. And that’s … Read more

Student testimonial: Patrick

EC Manchester is a really good school, because the teachers always have your back. The language school is very good to meet new people and in particular at the EC Manchester School of English, because there are a lot of nationalities and friendly people. The courses are very interesting and the classrooms are modern and pleasant to study in. And if you want to visit the city or do activities or go to a party, it’s possible, because the school organizes something every day, so you have to just ask the staff, who are very friendly. Manchester is a beautiful city, there are a lot of shops and the centre is beautiful. There are also some museums, very interesting. If you like to drink something with your friends, there are a lot of good pubs and good places to do parties. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time in Manchester! Patrick.