Get to know one of our Classes – English in the City

EC Manchester has recently opened a new course named ‘English in the City’, a programme designed to promote the learning of English through studying different aspects of the city where students are living. The course has given students the opportunity to learn about many aspects of Manchester including looking at the famous industrial past of the city, researching the important music and sports scenes and much more. The twelve week course has so far been very successful. One student has commented, ‘I think this class is very useful for me because I have recently arrived in Manchester. To get out in the city and speak English with Manchester people is good to help us improve.’ The course teacher also said, ‘It’s great for students to realise there is more to studying abroad than just the area they live and the school and definitely a bonus for me to show Manchester as a great city to live.’ The positive feedback has made the course popular in the school as it enters its second term and continues to be a hit with new students who want to know more about the city where they have chosen to improve their English.   Find out more about English courses in Manchester