Pumpkin Carving at EC Manchester Language School

EC Manchester language school getting ready for Halloween was an amazing experience for our students, as we got some pumpkins and started a competition. We brought the creative and competitive side out of our students and put their brains to a test.


EC MAnchester language school pumpkin carving competition DSC08981-w700-h500


Some staff joined in and got messy with the pumpkins and were trying to beat our creative students in the competition.


DSC08970-w700-h500EC Staff participating in the pumkin carving competition








getting messy and being funny was the best part of the experience, as some students made a day out of it and some were even eager to give the pumpkins a taste.

DSC08982-w700-h500 DSC08979-w700-h500 DSC08974-w700-h500









We had a crazy fun time at EC Manchester language school and the end results were a piece of art.


FInal results of pumking carving competition








its not all studying at EC Manchester language school, we offer different activities throughout the month, which will make your #ecexperinece something that you will never forget.