Birth of a friendship at EC Manchester Language School

This friendship story began some months ago, Roberto an Italian guy and Fabian a Colombian guy came to EC Manchester the same week and were in the same class of their first day. From that moment, they knew they would become very good friends. As the weeks and months passed, these two students of opposing continents learned to know each other and share the values in common and eventually became more than just acquaintances but very good friends.

During their lunchtime, their only goal was to meet at the school’s reception for a FIFA battle on the PS4. Over time, they have become inseparable.


Fabian and Roberto during their last FIFA match at EC Manchester
Friendships last forever at EC Manchester

So, these two students met through EC Manchester and became very good friends. This school allowed them to meet and establish a foster friendly links that wouldn’t be possible without EC Manchester. This is what makes this school so strong, bringing people from all over the world together and exchanging experience and knowledge between them. This experience is more than enriching and allows you to open your mind to the whole world. EC Manchester is a place where friendships are born and will stay with you forever.

So, if you want to experience an adventure such as Fabian and Roberto and meet people from around the world, EC Manchester Language School experience is made for you. Don’t hesitate one second and join us now.