Student international night out – Erasmus Party!

Erasmus Party in Manchester

Erasmus party in Manchester

Hi everyone my name his Hugo, currently I’m an Intern at EC Manchester for 2 months, today I write this post to share with you my own experience in Manchester especially about it’s night life with the Erasmus party !

The party was at the ARK Club in the Deansgate Locks, a sumptuous place in Manchester and probably one of my favorite !

Deansgate Locks by night
 Deansgate Locks by night
Shoeyz shots
Shoeyz shots

The party was the 21th September, 1300 people were present this night from all over the world.

The atmosphere in the club was really crazy, it was a good opportunity to meet people and make new friends.

Inside the waitress served a lot of shots, it was funny to try new alcohol from England with friends ahah !

If you come in Manchester you should try an Erasmus party, we hope to see you soon 😉

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