Wonderful 3 months internship at EC Manchester English School!

My name is Theo, and I am a French student in a business school Telecom Business School. This summer, I had to do an internship, and a friend told me about his internship. He did it at EC Manchester, a language school, 2 years ago. It was a great opportunity, to be able to complete my internship abroad. So, interested in, I postulated and here I am: student at the “Student Services”. The first main part of my internship here was student registration management. So every week, I have prepared Welcome packs for arriving students, input their information in the system, prepared timetables and schedule… It was very nice because it is the first contact with students, and with new friends! Because it is also the opportunity to meet new friends from all around the world, with their own culture! And on the other hand, it was a communication internship. As I have a second technical degree in com munication I was able to use my knowledge to help the school to improve its communication. So I created new templates for posters and weekly presentations. By improving their communication, I also improve my skills in English by writing blogs like this one. Of course, I didn’t just work here, but I also have enjoyed the beautiful city of Manchester, and around thanks to the trips organised! I have been pleasantly surprised how open minded Mancunian people are. They have all their own style without fear of others’ opinion. I have really appreciated it! And Northern Quarter was definitely my favorite place, very different from what kind of neighbourhood we can find in France. Thank you EC Manchester for those amazing 3 months, I am coming back home the luggage full of souvenirs and memories!

Jason last week EC Manchester

My EC Experience

I’m a French student and as part of my studies in a business school (IAE), I did a 3-month internship at EC Manchester in the “Student Services”. My stay is coming to an end, I have decided to talk about my EC Experience in EC Manchester Language School and in this city. First of all, my work at EC Manchester consists of two main tasks, management and communication tasks in order to make sure to make students stay as pleasant as possible. I’m Student in Bachelor in Marketing /Sales in my school in France and during this internship, I decided to make some changes in the school to improve as best as possible the experience of the students. For my first overseas experience, I decided to leave in England is especially in Manchester as I had a project to improve my English in a big city without French. Manchester being the cultural capital of England I made great discoveries and learned a new culture that I thought I knew but I do not know. In my free time, I visited Manchester, meet some great people that I will remember all my life.     During my EC Experience, I have made incredible encounters especially with Mike the school Centre director and Sarah the Director of Studies who are both adorable and pedagogical people. Then at the Student Service I met Liz an exceptional person and Hani my blog coach.This internship allowed me to meet people I would never have met without EC Manchester including Colombians, Brazilian, Saudi and Italian. All these meetings made me grow because I became acquainted with people of different nationalities and cultures which allowed me to learn the local customs in some countries.During these 3 months in this school, I gained know-how and a knowledge to be that I could not … Read more

Graduation at EC Manchester

All beautiful things have to end one day. After few weeks or few months, it’s finally time for our students to leave. After weeks of effort, of classes, but also fun, meetings, animations… they finally go home, heads full of memories, with new friends all around the world. It’s with emotion that we award their EC Manchester Language School  diploma. Directed by Aimee.   The graduation ceremony brings together all the students in the reception, to applaud them. Even their teachers come to participate, to greet one last time their students. Biscuits, sweet things, coffee, tea… It is full of emotion that we share a last moment discussing and taking photos together with our famous EC English orange frame. Among our new graduates, some stayed almost 1 year with us, in   Manchester: Abdullah, Nader, Hamad, Badr, Saleh, Ahmed, Abdulmuhsen, Abdulrahman, Abdullah, Mohammed & Asama. They are going to miss us, we hope that they enjoyed their time in our company in Manchester. Special thanks to Abdullah, our student ambassador who helped us to integrate new students every week, as an intermediary with all students and for his everyday good mood. EC Manchester will always remember them, but this is not over: Next Monday, new students will arrive, the EC team will expand again, and the adventure will keep going. We can’t wait to welcome them.    

FIFA Tournament

Last month, we had the idea of coming up with  a FIFA Tournament at the school. Thus, the tournament began on May 9th 2017 and it is finished on May 26th 2017. During this period, all students clashed one by one on the PS4 of EC Manchester. This tournament was really an amazing experience as it allowed some students to forge links and allowed them to  integrate into the school festivity. Thus, many students decided to participate in the tournament which took place throughout May. Several phases have been organized; Group Stage, Knock out Stage, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & the Final!. Between each break, the students had only one goal, to play their FIFA match and to win as many matches as possible to go to Final. We are proud to have organized this tournament which was an enormous success in our school because the students were just talking about this event. The final  took place on 26 May 2017 between Javier and Camilo, it was a tough final, the score was  very tight and both participants are going to penalties. The suspense was at its highest until the last second of the match. So, Javier is our big winner of FIFA tournaments of May 2017. To congratulate him, we decided to offer him a magnificent Adidas football shirt with his name on it.           The big winner of the FIFA tournament       Although not everyone was able to participate in this event, it brought the students closer to the school and after its success, we want to organize another FIFA tournament at EC Manchester Language School.   Want to share the same experience of our students, then join us at EC Manchester. #ecexperience #ecmanchester

Birth of a friendship at EC Manchester Language School

This friendship story began some months ago, Roberto an Italian guy and Fabian a Colombian guy came to EC Manchester the same week and were in the same class of their first day. From that moment, they knew they would become very good friends. As the weeks and months passed, these two students of opposing continents learned to know each other and share the values in common and eventually became more than just acquaintances but very good friends. During their lunchtime, their only goal was to meet at the school’s reception for a FIFA battle on the PS4. Over time, they have become inseparable.   So, these two students met through EC Manchester and became very good friends. This school allowed them to meet and establish a foster friendly links that wouldn’t be possible without EC Manchester. This is what makes this school so strong, bringing people from all over the world together and exchanging experience and knowledge between them. This experience is more than enriching and allows you to open your mind to the whole world. EC Manchester is a place where friendships are born and will stay with you forever. So, if you want to experience an adventure such as Fabian and Roberto and meet people from around the world, EC Manchester Language School experience is made for you. Don’t hesitate one second and join us now.