Italians learning English at EC Manchester Language School

  We had four groups of Italian students over the past month, learning English whilst exploring the sights of Manchester. Coming to Manchester and exploring all its wonders was something that the students looked forward to, from visiting the free museums and experiencing the football life to walking around and simply looking up to the beautiful skyline. Visiting the museum of science & industry was interesting and a learning experience, these students love technology, so to see how it evolved was a delight.       Manchester is not about football only, we visited the art gallery and brought out the Picasso in our students.                 The oldest Library is in Manchester, Cheetams library such an amazing place and full of history.                 Their visit wasn’t just about Manchester, we took them to other places and showed them around. a visit to Chester and walking down its beautiful roman streets and experiencing its beautiful Cathedral was the highlight of the trip. Visiting Manchester’s rival city Liverpool was an exciting adventure, listening to the street performers copy the Beatles and walking down to the Cavern to visiting the amazing Liverpool Cathedral.                   we completed their trip to Manchester with a games night, lots of fun and an enjoyable time.                       Unfortunately we had to say goodbye and we wish that you had an amazing EC experience at EC Manchester.     EC offers many different courses, including full immersion English courses in Manchester.