4 Ways to Learn English Around Manchester

If you are considering studying English abroad for a few weeks or months, either to improve your academic or professional future, we have a suggestion: study English in Manchester! In recent years, it has become a hugely popular destination. In 2017 alone, the city received around 1,319,000 visitors! In addition, Manchester has been chosen as the best city to live in in the United Kingdom for several years running. These two factors have brought many students there,eager to study English and fall in love with this vibrant place.     Economy, Art, Culture and Music! Manchester is famous for its low cost of living. Compared to big cities like London, Manchester can be up to 30% cheaper for those who decide to live there. This economic benefit allows students to afford more social and cultural events and really live the life of a local. Famous for its excellent music scene, where great artists such as Oasis, Take That and The Smiths began their careers, Manchester is also a popular destination among lovers of history and art. After class you can join EC Manchester’s trips to places like the Museum of Science and Industry or the Lowry Art Centre. Or simply venture with your friends to explore the city as you please.   Enjoy Their Love of Football Do you like football? Then studying English in Manchester is a must! If you are a football and sports lover, in Manchester you can spend every moment of your free time enjoying its sports scene. Become a fan of Manchester United or Manchester City and attend football matches at any of the local stadiums. Our EC school, for example, offers visits to the Manchester United stadium and has its own football club where you can play games with your teachers and other students. … Read more

Student international night out – Erasmus Party!

Erasmus party in Manchester Hi everyone my name his Hugo, currently I’m an Intern at EC Manchester for 2 months, today I write this post to share with you my own experience in Manchester especially about it’s night life with the Erasmus party ! The party was at the ARK Club in the Deansgate Locks, a sumptuous place in Manchester and probably one of my favorite ! The party was the 21th September, 1300 people were present this night from all over the world. The atmosphere in the club was really crazy, it was a good opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Inside the waitress served a lot of shots, it was funny to try new alcohol from England with friends ahah ! If you come in Manchester you should try an Erasmus party, we hope to see you soon 😉 If you’re interested in following an English course at EC English Manchester, why not join an IELTS Course in Manchester

Ninja Warrior: EC Students coming to your TV screen soon! (or not…)

For a change of activity, the EC Manchester staff organised a Ninja Warrior training last week. Exactly as the famous TV show, it is a really difficult obstacle run, where all your body is working hard! Nevertheless, a lot of brave students wanted to try. Just in case, we booked the Academic level, it was the first time for everyone after all. When we arrived, it  was the case that the academic level is for young people… So we finally change for the Ninja Recruit level. Fortunately, even for adult runs, there were different level of run. Full of confidence, we were starting with the first obstacle in front of us when a member of the staff interrupted us. We were just starting by the hardest one. So she took us to the easiest one, made us some warm up exercise and gave us the security policy. Now, we were really ready to start our ninja initiation! At this moment, it was possible to see different behaviors between the student : those who went first for it, and the other who preferred to look first how to do and then try. It was very demanding tests:strength, velocity, balance… All the body was solicited! But some students were very comfortable, and succeeded the tests one after the other! The favorite one was the final of each runs, the wall! Students had to run on the wall and jump to reach the border, and it was increasingly difficult! But increasingly fun too!   Only the bravest (and tallest) students were able to partially manage the hardest run! Despite of the challenge, they didn’t give up! For a first time, they were really motivated! It is fatigued that we came back in town, eager to take a good shower!

EC Activities: “Prison Break” with Break Out

Last week-end, EC Manchester organised an Escape room for a couple of students. This is Rene’s testimony, one of the participating students : “We arrived the hall of breakout. One of the staff members welcomed us and wanted to know whether we have some experience in playing escape games. He realized the most of us had their first escape room experience on this day. So he has given us a detailed introduction than. Before the game has been started they took me in the room at first. Because I was the wrongly imprisoned person in this game. He handcuffed me and looked me into a cell. Now the game could finally start. The others came in the room and it was their task to free me from the cell and afterwards we had to escape the room before the warden is back in his office. The room was separated in a cell and the warden’s office. Obviously the warden was a big fan of playing games. We’ve found some play cards, poker chips and a chessboard. Now my mates started to investigate his office and I my cell. Unfortunately my range to move was rather limited because of my handcuffs. But one of my mates found the key and I could free my self from my handcuffs. But I was still locked in my cell. At least from the cell I could help to find some ideas how to manage some of the puzzles. Than we found a connection how to use the poker chips and the chessboard. Also the playcards led us to a new solution. Finally we found a key to open my metal door. We continued together to investigate the rooms, open padlocks and found also some really tricky hidden places. Of course we needed also a … Read more

Paintball with Smile Adventure !

Some of our students played Paintball Saturday 29th July. They left Manchester in the morning with students from others language schools . All the paintball staff welcomed the students with military atmosphere.  Once everybody was fitted with all of the protective clothes, the staff explained all the security instructions and how to play paintball. In total, we had four teams and each team played against the same team every times. The goal of the first game was to take the flag of the opposite camp. For some students, it was the first time they played Paintball so the first game was a discovery. After the second game, the students had a break and enjoyed a free pizza. During this time , they shared their experience of the paintball and tried to make new tactics for the afternoon games.  After a break of one hour, the games restarted. For the third game one team had to steal the money in a bank during the other team had to try to protect it.  The last game was  “one shot” rule, one team had to shoot all the other players of opposite team. If a player is touched, he left the game.  Each round lasted 30 minutes so at the end every student played 2 hours. At the end of the day despite some bruises, students can’t wait to play again! Thanks to EC Manchester and Smile Adventures, students were able to discover a new sport and really enjoyed themselves!  

Smile Adventures journey : Chester!

Like every weekend, our partner Smile Adventures organised this Saturday a wonderful journey. This time, it was in Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet & Chester. Between the whole Designer Outlets in the United Kingdom, Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet is the biggest! Thanks to a group offer, they all had 10% discount in every fashion shop of the village! Very useful to complete their dressing! So our students were able to enjoy shopping from 10:00 to 13:00 in shops like Hugo Boss, Vans, Superdry ,etc. After lunch, it is finally time to go to Chester! This fabulous two-thousand-years-old city has a lot of history, beautiful alleys, and spots dating to the Roman empire period. A lot of things to learn and admire, like the Eastgate Clock of Chester.   After some selfies, the smiling guides took them to the roman vestiges as thermals and the amphitheater. According to the history, a lot of people trying to run from the city was killed in this theater… It was found during public works, building a new church just next to the place! Then they went to the Chester Quays, and squirrels came to welcome them! Finally they finished the day by free time. So they were able to visit the city center, the cathedral or alleys, by 18:30 everybody was tired and decided to go home, with lots of pictures and souvenirs! Thank you Smiles Adventures for this amazing journey!   If you want to participate in these type of trips, come over and study General English courses in Manchester! We are looking forward to meeting you!

First day and Welcome Drink at EC Manchester

Every Monday we have new students who come to the school for their first day, they arrive at 8:30 and have a free muffin. After an induction of the school presented by Mike, they have the placement test to find their level. At lunch time, they can enjoy the tour of the city organized by the interns where they can discover the most useful places near the school. In the afternoon, the new students have Coffee and Chat, in this activity, they can meet other students and play different games and have free coffee/ tea and biscuits. Their first day finishes when Sarah gives them their timetable.  After this long day, the new students will have many occasions to meet the other students for example in class but also with the Welcome Drink on Tuesday. At EC Manchester, we have many different activities but one of the most popular for the students is the Welcome Drink. Every week, more than twenty students meet at the Yates Pub which is  5 minutes from the school and  after a long first day of class for the new students. This Tuesday the students were lucky because it was sunny and they enjoyed the terrace. The Welcome Drink helped the new students to feel integrated into the group.  With a drink and for some students a meal, they share their experience in the school and also the old students gave some tips to the new about the life in Manchester. For EC Manchester, it’s very important that the new students feel comfortable as quickly as possible, so we try to do our best to help them to do that.

North Wales Tour with Smile Adventure

Last weekend fifteen of our students went on a trip to North Wales with Smile Adventure. The students took the bus on Saturday morning in the rain in the direction of the city of Llandudno. A sun was awaiting them, they were able to discover the small seaside town considered  the most pleasant city to live in the Wales. After a walk on the waterfront and many photos proving that in England can also be nice, the students were back on the road to the town of Cowny. Conwy is a small traditional town which is very well known for its magnificent castle built in 1284. The students visited the castle in a “Game Of Thrones” atmosphere. After they enjoyed a traditional Fish & Chips by the river in the sun where good humor was present. After two stops in towns, the students left for the famous Snowdonia National Park. In a completely different atmosphere, the students found themselves in the countryside. The small walk through the greenery was amazing and beautiful. The students were able to admire the different landscapes that were offered to them between the rocks, lake and sheep. In the park, the water is so pure that it can be drunk directly to the river, the more adventurous decided to taste the water. During this trip, new friendships were created between the students who have at the same time where improving their English. All the students were delighted with this trip and discover another version of Britain! It is therefore possible thanks to EC Manchester for students to discover the beauty of England while improving their English.

July activities calendar

EC Manchester July Activity

Today, we will discover together the EC Manchester July Activity  creates by the interns especially for the EC Manchester students. All of our interns worked tirelessly to find the best possible activities to do on Manchester. Firstly, on July 5th our students will have the chance to visit the Museum Of Science and Industry, a place inevitable in Manchester, the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Then, every Thursday for July and August, our partner Smile Adventure offers our students a bike tour to discover Manchester under the summer sun. Moreover, we planned to do a bowling July 12nd with all of our students and then rock climbing on July 26th for lovers of strong sensations. In addition, like every Friday night after their classes, EC Manchester offers our passionate football students to compete in a match. Several other activities will also take place, including the international social event in a well known Manchester restaurant on July 11th, an escape room on July 19th for our most lazy students and finally our “Welcome Drink” which takes place every Monday of the month To welcome our new students and to allow them their first friendship in the school. On weekends in July, students will not have time to get bored as we have planned several trips to exceptional places around Manchester such as Peak District, Lake District and York to enjoy the view and relax Under the sun and I no longer think of anything. Otherwise, for the most terrible of them and sensation enthusiasts we organized for the 22nd of July a day at Alton Tower and on the 29th of July a day at the paintball. Thus, our students have to be prepare for the monthly programme created especially for them. We look forward to many of them and hope that … Read more

Manchester Bike Tour with Smile Adventures

Smile Adventures, our partner, prepare every week-end wonderful activities as tours in Liverpool, Peak District, Alton Towers, etc. In July, the agency has organised every Thursdays a new kind of activity : a Bike Tour all around Manchester! On Sunday and Monday, students can make a quick visit of the city center of Manchester. But with Lee, the Smile Adventures guide, they have the possibility to visit further and very nice places in the city! The starting point is Piccadilly Gardens, but they don’t need to hire there bike: Smile Adventures already did it for them! They start by follow the canal until the museum of Science and Industry. A very important place for a city which has taken its symbol from the Industry Revolution, the worker bee. After that, they regain the canal passing through Castlefield, until the old Trafford Stadium. A staple place for football lovers!   The second part of the bike tour is Salford Quays. Next to Manchester, the Salford’s quays has a lot of interesting staple places as the Lowry art center and one the five Imperial War Museum in England and Media City. During the tour, the guide speak about the story of different stops they do. Perfect to support a full immersion English courses in Manchester, with an historic approach of the city. A last stop at Peel house, and our bikers are back after two or three hours going through Manchester and Salford. They all past a wonderful tour with Lee! And next week, new student will enjoy it! Why not you?