Flavio – ‘I lived a Fantastic experience’

Flavio is a Brazilian student who arrived in EC Manchester on 11th April. He stayed with us for 4 weeks. We hope you had a great EC Experience.   ‘I want to thank all school staff. I lived a fantastic experience despite the short time. The main reason for my coming to England was to visit … Read more

Francisco – Manchester is my cup of tea

Francisco is one of the students who has been with us for a very long time. Not only is he one of the students at EC Manchester School of English, he has also been one of the ambassadors. It was great having you in the school, Francisco. May we meet again one day. I would like to start saying that I … Read more

Student testimonial: Patrick

EC Manchester is a really good school, because the teachers always have your back. The language school is very good to meet new people and in particular at the EC Manchester School of English, because there are a lot of nationalities and friendly people. The courses are very interesting and the clas … Read more

Student Testimonial: Ligia

Ligia, from Brazil, has been doing an English course at EC Manchester English Centre for 2 weeks. In her country she is an English teacher. So, her point of view is really interesting. She wanted to share her experience with all of you, so there it goes!:   “I’ve got some abroad experienc … Read more

Student testimonial: Ismail and Bihter

Our lovely couple from Turkey Ismail and Bihter face their last week at our English school in Manchester and they shared with all of us their #ecexperience. “We are so confident that you will improve your English with EC English School. This situation it provided with many benefits course you … Read more

Student Testimonial: Anton from Germany

Our German student will be leaving EC Manchester English Centre this week. He wanted to share his experience with us. “I really enjoyed my time in Manchester. The four weeks I was here I had a lot of fun with new friends from all over the world. I liked to chill in Vita, the student residence  … Read more